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Call Center Executive Recruiting

Executive recruiters need to understand your business to be successful. With AllStaff Call Center Recruiting you are working with call center industry experts that understand what it takes to lead the charge on providing an exceptional customer experience.


About Us

AllStaff Call Center Recruiting provide direct hire call center recruiting services. Our Vice-President, Eric Berg is a 20 year veteran of the contact center industry, founder and Executive Board member of the Midwest Contact Center Association, author and columnist for the national trade magazine, Contact Center Pipeline, and a national speaker on industry best practices. Eric has been VP over multiple contact centers and understands what it takes to lead a service or sales team to success.

Eric can be reached at (847) 250-2555 or Eric@AllStaff.net

Our Process


Finding Talent

Anyone can post a position to a website and wait for a response, but often times the people responding to ads are job hoppers and lower performers. AllStaff Call Center Recruiting is connected with over 5,000 contact center leaders across the country, many of which are not looking for a new position, but if presented the right opportunity will consider a change.

LinkedIn Talent Trends released a detailed survey of 18,000 professionals across 26 countries, asking questions ranging from how satisfied were they with their work to what would attract them to a new job. A whopping 85% of respondents are interested in new career opportunities.


The trick is that this 85% of professionals have varying levels of interest. While 12% are actively looking for a new job, the remaining are relying on networking and recruiters. This means that you can’t rely on candidates to find you – you have to have a multi-pronged approach that includes working with recruiters specializing in finding contact center leadership talent.

By focusing on passive job seekers, AllStaff Call Center Recruiting brings a talent pool that you cannot find by posting a job on online job boards. A talent pool are higher performers and committed to the organizations for which they work.

Screening Talent

Finding the right leader that fits your culture, mission and vision can be the toughest part of the search. AllStaff Call Centers spends the time needed to understand your culture and identify candidates with the passion to meet your mission and vision. We rely heavily on personality assessments of the candidates as well as the people they will report to. This ensures we create a cohesive team that is committed to the same goals.


Placing Talent with Confidence

AllStaff Call Center is a contingent recruiting firm. You DO NOT pay a fee unless we find the perfect match to your company. We then stand behind the placement with a prorated replacement credit.

Our Specialties

  • Call Center Manager
  • Cell Center Director
  • Vice President
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Workforce Optimization Manager
  • Workforce Optimization Director
  • Workforce Optimization Vice President
  • Training Manager
  • Training Director
  • Training Vice President
  • Sales Manager/Director
  • Vice President of Sales